Friends Forever v2.2 Mod Apk For Android

Friends Forever:

Download Friends Forever v2.2 Mod Apk For Android Friends Forever Stories – Bringing fun stories to life! It’s all about interactive and visually attractive stories – where you are the star! Take your chances and move ahead in the story. From teenage love to rom-coms, from mystery to fantasy – choose a genre you like.

Make friends, hang out with them, or find love. From walking out on someone to deciding to stay – here is a game that is addictive, engaging and totally dependent on you.
With Friends Forever Stories, we now present stories with visuals and animations, which are punctuated by options popping up on your screen.

Choose your own responses and live a unique and passionate adventure. Your answers will influence how your story unfolds. Will you marry and have kids? Will you find your mysterious killer? Will you find a date for yourself? The wish is only yours. Explore stories across genres with 10 unique titles!


– Bringing fun stories to life
– Find hidden objects to move ahead
– Stories from multiple genres
– Evoke emotions, drive deeper engagement
– Encounter different adventures each time you play


• In-App Purchases Hacked
• Unlimited Coins
• Unlimited Moves

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